Enhancement classes are a great way to start your Femme Fatale journey! All Enhancement classes may be purchased individually or are included with any of our memberships. Registering online in advance is required. Please check our current schedule to find out which Enhancement Classes are being offered this month. All enhancement classes are for all skill levels, no experience necessary! Those 18 and up are welcome to attend all classes-Enhancement & Enrollment!

Punch Cards apply to $15 fitness classes only and are not eligible for any $25 class.

This class is pure heart pumping cardio! It is easy to follow and set to super fun music straight from the top of the charts! We will finish with abs and a cool down to send you on your day right! (60 minutes, $15) *Punch Card eligible

If you are craving an amazing workout but also love to dance, then this class will become your new obsession! We use dance elements such as dance aerobics, ballet, belly dancing, hip hop and we even throw in a sexy song or two! We also end class with Pilates for your core and some gentle yoga so that way you leave feeling amazing. No dance background?  No problem! This class is designed for everyone! (60 minutes, $15) *Punch Card eligible

What happens when you combine the agility of Pilates and the flexibility of yoga? Rock hard abs. Join us for these power sessions that will improve core strength and flexibility. This class is a perfect compliment to your pole, aerial, and dance classes but also quick and effective for your overall fitness all on its own. (60 minutes, $10) *Punch Card eligible

Restore and repair in this yoga session each week. Breathe, flow, let go! We’re going deep and stretching out the week in this relaxing and restorative flow. Perfect wrap up to any week! (60 minutes, $15) *Punch Card eligible

Mobility Flow combines strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance exercises and is designed to increase range of motion, flexibility, stability and control. (60 minutes, $15) *Punch Card eligible

Cardio Kickboxing combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. This high-energy workout is great for all levels. Class begins with a dynamic warmup and ends with a cool down and stretching section. (60 minutes, $15) *Punch Card eligible

Aerial yoga combines traditional yoga with the aerial hammock. In this class, you will stretch, strengthen, condition, and restore while using the hammock as a prop. No prior experience necessary. (60 minutes, $15 members, $30 non-members)

Come get steamy in this fun and sexy dance workout with the added challenge of wearing high heel shoes! Hawt Heelz will dazzle you with its fun, powerful, short routines that will leave you feeling like a feminine goddess! No prior experience necessary. (60 minutes, $25)

Want to feel confident and strong? Poleography will do just that! Learn some simple moves and spins that will leave you feeling badass, then put them together in a beginner routine that will leave you feeling sexy. No prior experience necessary. (60 minutes, $25)

Get acquainted with the beautiful fabric called aerial silks! After learning some beginner skills, you’ll put them together to a sassy silk routine. No prior experience necessary. (60 minutes, $25) 

We’ve lowered the lyras (hoops) so you can get down to business with some fierce lyra skills and floor work! In this class, you’ll learn some beginner tricks and transitions with a fierce routine! No prior experience necessary. (60 minutes, $25)

In this class, you will learn a short beginner routine on the aerial hammock! You’ll walk away with a few new tricks up your sleeve while having a great workout and a great time! No prior experience necessary. (60 minutes, $25)

This class is perfect for anyone that wants feel ultra sexy! After learning some fun chair tricks, you’ll put them together creating a sultry routine. No prior experience necessary. (60 minutes, $25)

Focus on building strength in ways to aid you on your aerial journey. In this class we’ll go from the pole to the floor to get a full body workout focused on toning muscles and increasing stamina. No prior experience necessary. (60 minutes, $25)

Come build your strength for heels work and low flow on the pole! In this class we’ll focus on legs, core, ankles, and feet so you can feel confident and graceful as you dance. (60 minutes, $25)

Same class, new name! Previously called Circus Workout, this class is perfect for those who want to feel the burn! This class will get your heart pumping and build strength in all your major muscle groups while you use the silks for a great workout. No prior experience necessary. (60 minutes, $25)

This class uses the lyra for an incredible workout! This class will help you gain strength while toning your muscles and increasing stamina! No prior experience necessary. (60 minutes, $25)